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Houzetek Automatic pet feeder is a gadget which will naturally or physically feed your pet alone at home with an APP on your IOS or Android gadgets. You can see and converse with your pet whenever or wherever with wide-point webcam and amplifier. Never need to stress over pet been eager or desolate when you aren’t at home.

1. Encouraging Amount: Support 4 dinners every day auto nourishing, every supper up to 10 portions(about 3.5oz altogether), 10g(0.35oz) per parcel. 1oz is about 3portions. Without impediment of remote manual sustaining times.
2. Measurement record and caution update: The APP can record the encouraging history including sum inside 2 days and push disappointment alert when no sustenance or framework glitch, keeping your pet a smart dieting propensity.

3.Pet feeder for feline with video and sound: Good for dealing with your debilitated pets and watching out for your wicked pets.You can speak with your pets whenever, fend off your pets from forlornness when you are out of home.
4.Offline Feeding Model will keep dispersing nourishment dependent on your setting regardless of whether no Wifi.
5.D cell battery to shield pets from power cut.

References: Amazon

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  1. I could definitely use this for my dog. He tends to eat all of his food at once and then is starving by the time I get home. This solves the problem of portioning his food out and I can keep track of how often he eats per day. And I love the fact that it has backup batteries in case the power goes out. That is a blessing if you lose power due to storms. This is a great gadget, I love it.

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